Toyo Metallurgicals Ltd.
Toyo Metallurgicals Ltd.
Foundry Fluxes & Coatings
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Die Coatings & Slag Coagulants
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Toyo Metallurgicals Ltd.
19, Annapurna Industrial Estate,
Tilak Road, Ghatkopar (East),
Mumbai- 400077 India.
Phone + 91 22 21027104
Fax + 91 22 21027257
Covering and Cleaning Fluxes
Cleanex 100 Pink
Cleanex SP White
Bogey Flux
Degasser Tablets in 50Grams and 500 Grams
Grain Refiners
G.R. 20 Tablets
Alloyed TiBAl
Cleanex 63
Cleanex 92
Alloyed AlSr

Die Coats
Die Coat 41 White For GDC
Die Coat 110 M Paste Black For GDC
Die Coat 34 Brown For GDC
Die Coat 401 For PDC- Plunger Lubrication
Die Coat Silver For PDC
Die Coat 401 Special Thick For PDC
Die Coat 97 For PDC
Die Coat 635 Waterbase For PDC
Special Tailor Made Die Coats For PDC and GDC

Fluxes for Zinc
T. Zinc 60
T. Zinc 85 Fume Free

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