Cast Iron Foundry


Desulphuriser Flux for reduction of sulphur from the Cast Iron melt, to be used in ladle.
Dephospheriser Flux for reduction of Phosphorous from the Cast Iron melt, to be used in ladle.
Toyozen 007 Flux for degassing & deoxidizing in powder form for ladle addition. Enhances fluidity of the melt.
Toyozen 10 Flux for prevention & removal of slag built up on the furnace & ladles.
Toyozen 50 Excellent scavenging flux for C.I castings as well as S.G iron, especially to remove oxides after magnesium treatment.

Coatings for Cores & Moulds

COATING & DRESSING Form Supplied Refractory Material Carrier Method of Applying
MOULDCOTE 101 Powder paste / R.F.U. Graphite Alcohol B.S.
MOULDCOTE 101 (Air Cure) R.F.U. Graphite Solvent D.B.S.
ZIRCON COTE 101 Powder paste/R.F.U. Zircon Alcohol B.S
ZIRCON COTE W/B Powder paste/R.F.U. Zircon Water B.S.
MOULDCOTE GZW Paste Graphite/Zircon Water D.S.
MOULDCOTE 60 Powder Graphite/Talc/Ollvine Water D.B.S.
MOULDCOTE GZA R.F.U. Graphite/Zircon Alcohol B.S.
STYROCOTE120 M Semi Paste Alumino Silicate Water B
RHEOCOTE-161 Semi Paste Graphite/Ceramic Water D.B.
RHEOCOTE-174 Semi Paste Alumina-Sillcate-Graphite Water D.B.
RHEOCOTE-310 Semi Paste Zircon Water D.B.
MODUL PAINT 212 PASTE Paste Graphite/Ceramic Water D.B.S.
MOLDCOTE 510 (Diluter for alcohol base coatings) Liquid      
D- Dipping
B- Brushing
S- Spraying
R.F.U.-Ready for used
Powder coatings must be made into a paste prior to application. After as 24hr. bulge they may be used in the necessary viscosity. Application of two thin layers instead of one thick layer is recommended.
Alcohol based coatings should be used for mould & cores containing P.F. resin alkyd base and Co2 cured binder.

Feeding Aids

Ladcov For Ladle Insulation
Hot Topping Compounds for insulating the surface of melt.
Exothermic antipiping compounds for increased feeding efficiency
Expandable antipiping compound
Thermexo Highly Exothermic material producing molten metal for efficient feeding of Steel Castings
Exothermic/ Insulating sleeves Riser sleeves for exothermic & insulating action for efficient feeding & improvement in the yield.Toyoform Sleeves : Modified sleeves for tailormade applications.

Slag Coagulants

Slax P Blue Slag Coagulant
Perlite Ore Slag Coagulant

Core and Mould Compounds

Core Oil RTS 50 Core oven baking type core oil
Core Oil A1 Sp Linseed Base
Air Setting Core Oil Air drying core oil. No need to bake
SS Liquid Sodium Silicate
Satyosil Sodium Silicate with breakdown agent
Monosil Sodium Silicate with a superior breakdown agent
Breakdown Agent In Powder form for CO2 Cores
Liquid Collapsible Agent In Liquid form for CO2 Cores
DBA 55 Accelerator for Sodium Silicate process, a substitute for CO2 gas.
Sand Mix Super Pink Green Sand Binder, giving excellent green as well as hot tear strength.
Anti Scabbing Agent To prevent scabbing in moulds
YD Core Binder Superior binder for dry strength.
C-Coal Lustrous Carbon Additive
Air Set NBS Air setting binder
Core Grip Core Joining Agent
Core Grip Hot to Hot Core Joining Agent for hot box process
Core Fill Paste For core repairs, patching, filler for parting lines.
Seprol GSM Pattern release agent for green sand moulding
Seprol GS Pattern release agent for green sand moulding
Seprol 96 Parting agent for cold box dies.
Seprol 98 Parting agent for cold box without oil residue
Seprol SM Parting agent for hot box
Seprol 80 SM Waterbase parting agent for hot box
Seprol CBX Cleaning agent for coldbox and hot box process

Ladle Additions

Alloyed Granules and powder in Silicon
Alloyed Granules and powder in Manganese
Alloyed Granules and powder in Chromium


Innoculine 51 carbon base inoculant for C.I castings
Innoculine 105 silicon base inoculant for C.I castings
We also have a large range of other inoculants with Ca, Al, Ba, Sr, Zr, SMZ, etc., based on the tailor made requirements of our customers

Cupola and Rotary Addition

D-501 Desulphuriser Bricks
Carbo Bricks for Carbon Pick-up