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Established in 1963, Toyomet a leading company that specializes in manufacturing a full spectrum of metallurgical chemicals for both ferrous and non-ferrous foundry and refining industries.


Our products include the entire range of:

Foundry fluxes, chemicals, coatings, mould & core binders, sand additives, feeding aids, sleeves & other foundry inputs. 

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Empower a sustainable energy future for our planet.

Making foundry men’s life easier by supplying excellent quality of foundry consumables like foundry coatings, fluxes and other foundry auxiliaries.

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Founded by 3 technocrats in 1963

Toyomet’s impressive trajectory spans five decades of consistent growth, evolving from a modest single manufacturing unit to a network of cutting-edge facilities strategically positioned in and around Mumbai, the epicenter of India’s trade and finance. The metamorphosis from a small shed to a manufacturing giant underscores Toyomet’s unwavering dedication and resilience. Beyond expanding its physical footprint, Toyomet has diversified its product portfolio, now encompassing a comprehensive range, including foundry fluxes, chemicals, coatings, feeding aids, and various allied products. This journey signifies not only a narrative of expansion but a testament to Toyomet’s commitment to quality, innovation, and meeting the dynamic needs of its clientele. The company’s legacy mirrors the vibrancy of Mumbai, epitomizing the ethos of continuous growth and excellence in India’s industrial landscape.

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A trailblazer in metallurgical chemicals since 1963.

Introducing TOYOZEN 10

Say goodbye to furnace nightmares!

Tired of dealing with stubborn slag buildup? Watching your yield decrease and power bills skyrocket?

Your Ultimate Solution for Viscous Nonmetallics.


Revolutionize your manufacturing with our *range*of water based coatings, tailored for molds and cores and can be used for dip, spray and overpour applications. Experience the perfect blend of precision and sustainability for a greener and more efficient future. Available in ready for use, Paste and Powder forms.


Elevate your lost foam process with Styrocote, a superior coating available in aluminum silicate and zirconium options for unmatched performance and precision. Choose excellence in casting with Styrocote.


Unleash perfection in centrifugal casting with Centricote – a superb coating renowned for its exceptional finish and effortless casting release. Tailored with various fillers for customizable surface hardness, it’s also available for castings with spines bold, offering versatility and top-tier results. Elevate your casting experience with Centricote’s precision and adaptability.


Introducing our specialized cleansing and protective flux, crafted for copper base alloys enriched with alloying amounts of aluminum. Save hugely on melting loss by addition of albrol to your alloys with our advanced formulation, ensuring superior protection and optimal cleanliness for lasting excellence. Choose reliability for your copper-aluminum alloys with our cutting-edge flux solution.

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Cast Iron Foundry


Steel Foundry


Aluminium Foundry


Copper Foundry

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